Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too Cute

I have been slacking a little on getting my Sewing Day projects on here. I actually missed a week or two, but last week I made these little cuties.

I made them from THIS pattern. I got this fabric at the huge going-out-of-business sale at Ben Franklin Crafts. Everything in the entire store was 80% off. The next day was 90% off but I'm glad I went the day before because I heard there wasn't anything left. I got $1100 worth of stuff for $228. Not too shabby. I stocked up on anything and everything. I especially went crazy with the fabric. So now I have a ton of fabric to sew with! Yeah for me!

Anyways, I thought this fabric would be really cute for these shoes. I was right. They are adorable. I love for Clara to wear them. I am seriously thinking of trying to make some in my size. I loved them so much I made a second pair to send to a friend that just had a baby girl. I hope she likes them as much as I do.