Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Ruler, Some Shoes, and a Toothbrush Holder

The title says it all. So I'm going to get right to the pictures and you can see for yourself.

Here is the growth chart ruler I made for the kids. I added the name to the side with vinyl. I'm glad I wrote down all the measurements from the bathroom doorway before we moved out of our other house. I got those all transferred to this and now we can just continue to use this no matter how many times we move.

Yet another pair of baby shoes. I wonder how many pairs of these I've actually made over the past couple years. Everyone loves them and I love that they actually stay on the baby's little feet. And it's a bonus that they are so easy to make.

I was honored to be able to throw a baby shower for dear friend of mine. I made these cute decorations from paper circles sewn together. I cut the circles with the Cricut in various sizes and just stitched them together with my sewing machine. Another friend made the tissue pom-poms. Aren't they great? 

We were getting ready to go on our annual trip to Arizona for Spring Training (Go Giants!) and I had seen a clever idea on Pinterest that involved using a towel or washcloth to make a holder for the toothbrushes. I thought it was brilliant! No more plastic baggie! So before we left I stitched one up. 

I made mine differently than the original one I saw. I used a hand towel and made one side bigger for the grown-up toothbrushes and toothpaste and the other side shorter for the kiddie stuff.

The kiddie side just folds over the larger side and then the whole thing rolls up and ties with the ribbon. It was actually very convenient. I think I am just going to buy designated travel toothbrushes and toothpaste that just always stay in this. Then I can just grab it and go.

I know it wasn't too much, but it makes me feel better just getting something on here. Hopefully next time I post there will be more.