Monday, September 28, 2009

Shoe Fetish

I finally got a chance to make these adorable shoes. I got the pattern a long time ago from HERE and have been meaning to make them. I've been looking at thrift stores for some leather purses or pants or anything to make the sole out of. The pattern just uses fabric, but I wanted them a little more sturdy. So I finally got a hold of two pairs of leather pants, one brown the other purple ( I'm not sure I personally know anyone that would ever wear leather pants, let alone purple leather pants.) I'm going to be able to get a bunch of shoes out of them. The shoes don't take a lot. You could easily use whatever scraps you have on hand. That's what I did. The first pair were the blue and white ones.

I loved them and Donevan wears them a lot. Then I made some for Iris with the purple. I actually had to adjust the pattern a little. And the first pair I made for Iris were a little too wide, so I adjusted the pattern again and ended up with these cute ones.

Then I made the awesome John Deere pair. I really love these. And the best part of them all is the elastic around the ankle that keeps them on. Normally shoes get kicked off really easily, but these stay on. So anyways, hope you like them.


Evan and Kinsey Zinser said...

I like the brown leather, you do a great job making clothes for the kids and shoes.

Evan and Kinsey Zinser said...

did i win