Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Repurpose

I have another repurposing project I just finished that I want to show you. I went through my sweaters and found a couple more that I absolutely love but that don't really fit anymore. I just haven't had the heart to get rid of them. I'm glad I didn't. Now that I know that I can make Iris new clothes out of my old ones, it's a lot easier to "get rid of them". So here is what the sweater looked like before. I really liked this sweater. So comfy. 

I took the sweater dress that I made a while ago and turned it inside out and laid it on top of the new sweater. I wanted this one to be a little more loose so I didn't cut right next to it. I added about 3/4" for seam allowance and to make it a little bigger.

This is how it looks after cutting.

Then I took the sleeves and laid them on top of the sweater sleeves. Line up the ends and that way you don't have to hem the sleeves. Again, leave enough for seam allowance.

For the second sleeve I just laid the first one on and used that for the pattern so that they would be the same.

Then I pinned the sleeve onto the sweater making sure to line up the middle of the sleeve with the shoulder seam on the sweater.

To sew, since I don't have a serger (someday) I just straight stitched and then zig zagged the edges.

This is what it looked like after sewing on the sleeves. After this I just folded it in half matching up the bottom edges and then sewed one seam from the edge of the sleeve around to the bottom edge. On both sides. And I was done. The best is that there is no hemming or making collars. 

And it looks so darn cute. My sister informed me that sweater dresses are very "in" right now. Iris loves them. She likes being my little model, when I can get her to sit still. Donevan thought the whole thing was pretty funny.

That's how easy it is. Hope I inspired you to go through some of those clothes you just can't part with and make something "new" and wonderful.



Angela said...

What some cuties! I love donevan's high chair.

Crazy Livin' said...

SO cute. I love to refashion and I have been trying to think of how to do my old clothes I don't want into things my girls could use....LOVE IT! And totally going to try it! Thanks! Ali

Joyeful said...

I am loving this! What a cute little dress it turned out to be : )

avtolman said...

I love your cute little model. So cute! You are so talented! I love all of it.