Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Few Random Things

I have a couple random items to post on here. Nothing too special...just stuff.

Some Scrabble Tile Pendants I made at craft group.

Some very delicious Carmel Delight Squares (yes like the Girl Scout Cookie). I was so excited to find this recipe and couldn't wait for an opportunity to make them. The chance finally came in the form of a church activity to which I was asked to bring 2 dozen goodies. I thought these qualified as goodies. So so good!

And here is a pic of some pretzels we made from some extra bread dough. Some with salt and others with cinnamon sugar. Also very yummy! 

So there ya go. Not too much, but just stuff I've been wanting to get on.


glor said...

Love the pendants, very pretty. However, now I'm hungry ... your cookies/squares and pretzels look so very good!

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

SO going to try the Samoas bars!

Allie said...

Man, I want those bars. I am sure that my butt and thighs would love them too ;).