Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Booties

I finally got on the ball and got a few things done that I've wanted to for a while now. Two of my friends just recently had baby boys so I thought I better get these made while they are still babies. I now have a baby a month being born to friends and family for the next few months. I better get going on more...

These were fun. I made a pair similar to these when she had her first boy. I made up my own pattern, but in the last three years, it got lost somewhere. So I tried it again. I like these better I think. I am still tweaking the pattern a little, but if anyone is interested in trying it out just to see if it's even understandable by anyone beside myself I could email it to you.

These I made from THIS PATTERN. I thought they looked so cozy. It was a very easy pattern and I had them done in no time. Perfect for keeping those little piggies warm.

I still have a couple things that I want to get on here, but haven't taken pictures of so I will have to get on that. It just makes me feel better about getting SOMEthing on here.

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