Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Few Random Things

For those of you that have not given up on me posting anything, this is for you.

I have so many friends and family members that are having babies this year, that my usual gift of baby booties has reached an incredible number. I love making them so I am glad to have the opportunity to make so many. I tried out a couple new patterns on a few of them. I used THIS pattern for these booties. I liked how they turned out, but it's probably a pattern I won't use again too much.

These I made from a pattern I designed earlier this year for my niece. I misplaced the pattern for a couple months and came across it and decided to see if I could make sense of what I wrote down. I didn't do too bad, but there are still a lot of changes I need to make before it is understandable to anyone else.

What do you do when one child has a pumpkin shirt and the other child really wants to wear a pumpkin shirt too and you don't have another pumpkin shirt? If you're like me, you go to the closet of craft supplies, find something orange, and get creative. The first orange thing that I saw was a zipper. I've seen a lot of things made out of zippers lately so I figured it would work. I think it's perfect, especially for a girl who likes sparkly things and pumpkins. Not too bad for having 20 minutes to make it before we had to leave.

I made another Pod Swaddler for a baby shower gift. I need to make a couple of these for myself before #3 comes. I wish I had some when Donevan was a baby because he loved to be wrapped up tight. I liked the old fabric that I found in my mom's stash and thought I was pretty neutral and could be used for a boy or girl.


glor said...

Your own little booties are beautiful. How sweet they will look on a little one. The pumpkin shirt, now that's creativity and with only moments to do. Amazing, great work!

she wears flowers said...

I wish I could make darling little baby booties like this (crochet?)--so adorable!

That pumpkin shirt is AMAZING! I love it!!

anne maskell said...

The booties are adorable! I just love white for babies. The pumpkin turned out great, the zipper is A nifty idea. I never would have thought of it. I really like the wraps too. A friend just had twins, and they would be the perfect gifts for her. Thanks for the idea!

Sadie said...

So beautiful on the booties! Love them! You are so creative. Love the pumpkin shirt. The swaddler looks so nice to have. And of course I love the bananas. Yum!