Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Car Cozy and Diaper Clutch

This week's Sewing Day projects are a couple of things that have been on my list of things to make for a long time. The first is this Car Cozy/Carrier/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I made it so Donevan can keep his cars in this instead of stuffing his pockets full of cars anytime we go somewhere. Not that it's going to stop him from stuffing his pockets, but at least now he won't HAVE to. He thinks it's pretty awesome so that's a success in my book.
I like how it rolls up into a nice little bundle that I can throw in the diaper bag to have some entertainment for the boy.
I made the pockets a little bigger to fit the "Cars" character cars since they are a little bigger than your average Hot Wheel or Matchbox car. Those are the ones he plays with the most.

The next project was a diaper clutch to carry all the diapers and wipes for the diaper bag. So instead of searching for a diaper and the wipes I can just grab this and save myself the trouble. Plus it keeps all the diapers crumb and juice-spill free. I hate to admit that I just use a plastic baggie for my wipes. I used to have one of those nice cases but it got left somewhere in some random restroom. I sure hope that whoever found it enjoys it. I've been meaning to buy another one, but the baggie works for now. That's three size 4 diapers, three size 3 diapers and a baggie of wipes in there.
I love to make anything out of denim. Anyone have any denim they need to get rid of send it my way. I have lots of ideas for using up denim.

I am so proud of myself for sticking with this Sewing Day thing. It is letting me get so many things done that I kept telling myself I didn't have time for. Things keep getting checked off my list. The only problem is that my list keeps getting longer. I am also pleased that with all the projects I have made so far, I haven't bought a single thing to make any of them. They have all been made with materials I've just had on hand. Not bad.