Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skirt and Shorts

I was selfish this week for Sewing Day. I only made stuff for me. I had purchased a queen size fitted sheet at Savers at the Memorial Day sale when everything is 50% off. 50% off sales at thrift stores are CRAZY!! People go nuts! We did manage to snag some good things. Mostly clothes for the kids, but I found this pretty print in the form of a bed sheet. And it was $2 so I had to get it.

So I finally pulled it out and looked through my patterns trying to decide what to make out of it. I almost made a shirt dress but settled on a cute flowy skirt. Super easy pattern. Only 3 pieces in the whole pattern. The front and back are just huge half circles sewn together at the sides and then the front waistband connects in the back with hook and eyes and the back waistband ties in the front. I love it!

Then I took a pair of pants that I bought at Old Navy when they were on clearance, and made them into capris/shorts. I never wore them as pants because they were ridiculously wide at the bottom. Comfy but wide. So I cut off the bottoms and narrowed the legs a little then hemmed them up to make me a new pair of shorts for the summer.


Anonymous said...

This is too funny!! I have those sheets on my bed now!
I love the walking shorts you made from the Old Navy pants!

glor said...

Wow, what a wonderful skirt and from sheets. What a great idea! The capri's look great too!