Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafts and a Giveaway

I have a few Christmas crafts to share with you all. Just some easy fun stuff that I've made.

Iris and Donevan helped with this one by letting me trace their hands. Then I cut them out and made them into a wreath. Add a paper bow, there ya go. I only traced them once then used that one as a pattern for the rest. There was no way I was getting them to sit still long enough to trace that many times.

I thought these turned out really cute. It's just toilet paper rolls with legs cut out. Paint on a face and add some twigs and a bow and you have some friendly reindeer for your home. I also used a marker for the hooves.

These guys are my favorite. They are salt shaker snowmen. Just paint a wooden ball white and put a face on it. Then glue the lid of a salt shaker on the ball for a hat. Then glue the ball onto the shaker after filling it with salt first. Then add a scrap of fabric for a scarf and dot some paint for buttons. I've had people ask if you can still use them as salt shakers and the answer is no. The ball is glued on so it's just for looks. I like going to the thrift stores and finding the fancy shakers for like $.50. The little tiny ones are so cute. I've given all my little ones away. 
Which leads me to the next thing......a giveaway!!!

I'm going to give one of these adorable snowmen away. Just leave a comment saying which one you want before 5:00 pm Friday December 18th and you could be the owner of one of these cuties. 

Good luck!


Haley said...

yahooo!! I'm bound and determined to win one of these guys!! I MUST have the skinny one! :) love you!

Sadie said...

So cute! I love all your crafts. You always give me some great ideas. I would like either one of those cute little fella's.