Saturday, July 9, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't posted the last couple weeks worth of Sewing Day projects. So I'm going to play a little catch-up and post about them now. I was pretty excited to help Esmeralda cut out the pattern and fabric for her cute skirt. We used Simplicity pattern 9415 view E. The one in top right corner. The fabric was from the stash from Grandma Jessie. We didn't have enough time to get it sewn together that week so we just got it cut out.

I made a camera strap cover for Father's Day for the hubby. I used fleece so it's soft and padded. I'm gonna have to make some for me too.

At one of our monthly activities for our women's group at church we held a Service Auction. We donated items or services and then answered questions in order to earn points that could then be used to bid on the items. One of the items I donated was a pair of custom leather soled baby shoes. The lady that "bought" them said she had a granddaughter recently born and gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted for her. This is what I came up with. I think purple and yellow together is the most cheerful of color combinations.

The next week Esmeralda finished her skirt. I was very impressed with how quickly she put it together. She told me she has never sewn before she started coming over. She even put a zipper in on the first try. No ripping out for her! And the skirt turned out really cute.

Another pair of shoes. A new pattern. Go HERE to see the pattern I used. It was a little difficult to follow as the directions weren't completely clear in a couple spots, but they still came out adorable. The second one is better than the first since I knew a little more what to do the second time. I love them!
So cute on Clara's little feet.

This last Tuesday it was just me for Sewing Day. I decided to make some Summertime jammies for the kids, since it has finally decided to get hot here. I just used some jammies they already had for patterns. Donevan's was made out of an old T-shirt of Evan's. The shirt seems short in the picture but it's because he was sagging the shorts down. Now they have some nice cool jammies to wear.

This project didn't come from a Sewing Day but I wanted to post it just the same. This idea has been floating around in my head for quite some time now. I finally just sat down and did it. It went so quick that I had it done start to finish all before the kids woke up from their naps. I found two of these boards with paintings printed on them at Savers a long time ago and knew that I could do something with them. Not that the paintings aren't great, they're just not my style. But I could see potential.
So I painted one a neutral color of tan.

While that was drying I used my Cricut to cut out the saying. Then I mod podged some paper on some clothes pins. I'm not a scrapper so I don't have a huge selection of paper but I managed to dig up some cute stuff. When the board was dry I stuck the vinyl on and hot glued the clothes pins on. Just like I pictured in my head. I still need to get a picture hanger for the back but for now thumb tacks are working just fine.

Now I have a place to keep all those random unmated socks. Seriously, WHERE do they go?
From now on I'm gonna try and keep the posts about Sewing Day up to date. So keep checking back for more great stuff!


Sadie said...

Everything you do is absolutely perfect. I'm always amazed at your talent. Those little red shoes are to die for. They make me swoon.

Beth and Shae said...

I love your sock finder. We totally need one of those. I hate socks because we always lose them. You are amazing as always.